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Information Start Internet Concepts BV has a very strong position in promoting law firms. InformationStart has a network of more than 30 websites, entirely focussed on laws and attorneys. offers potential customers the ability to quickly and efficiently find an attorney or law firm.

Why participate on & another website(s) of your choice?

Your law firm is being found quickly on & another website(s) of your choice. The search for (specialized) attorneys is increasingly done on the internet. The presence of your law firm on the Internet is becoming more and more important, after all you want to be found quickly.

The listing of your law firm on & another website(s) of your choice has the following advantages:
• We mention all your contact information: name, address, phone number and a link to your own website and/or social media;
• Maximum access: your practice is available via the domain names & another website(s) of your choice: an obvious and easy to remember name that will be typed into the address bar of the Internet directly. This is known as Direct Navigation, this is finding information on the Internet without using a search engine by typing the domain name;
• exclusivity: we specify a maximum number of law firms by region. In practice, website visitors prefer compact information more than a long list of hundreds of law firms, the visitor can not see the forest for the trees;
• findability and convenience: your law firm will be found in various ways on & another website(s) of your choice, by law, by province, by city and often by searching the name of your practice;
• you can terminate your membership each year without term of notice. Your investment is 250 Euro per year excluding VAT. There are no additional costs for maintenance or management of the site.

Most law firms choose to be listed on multiple sites in our network, we give attractive discounts for registering on multiple websites. More legal sites can be found via this link. More international legal websites are to be made.

You can register your law firm using the contact details below. Your law firm will be listed within three working days after your registration on the website.

We look forward to receiving your application and if you have any questions or comments, we are happy to answer them.


Mr. E. Voûte


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Voûte Digital Advertising B.V. will be the new name for InformationStart Internet Concepts B.V.

Whatsapp: + 31 651 922 582

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